Rachel & Taylor Organic Summer Wedding: Sevierville Tennessee

Kasey's Knoxville Bridal Session at Indigo Corner Studio

I absolutely love shooting Bridal sessions in my studio. Indigo Corner Studio has the most beautiful fresh light and an in-house makeup artist - Stunning by Rachel and hair stylist -Claudia Nicole Hair who are some of the best in Knoxville. Doesn't Kasey's Lea-Ann Belter Dress from Lillian Ruth Bride in Knoxville Tennessee  looked absolutely stunning? The pop of color in the bouquet by Rose Moss Designs perfect compliments this session. If you are thinking about a bridal session, but are afraid to get your dress dirty or get too hot or cold, a classic studio session might  be just what you need! 

Sarah & JJ Classic Summer Wedding: Maryville Tennessee

Wedding colors: 
Grey, White, and Green

Describe your Wedding in 3 words. 
Joyous, Fun, and BEST DAY EVER

What was your wedding venue and why did you choose it? 
New Providence Presbyterian: Because my parents (mother and biological father, who has passed away) were married there and it's the church my grandparents have attended the last 50+ years. Reception at Green Meadow Country Club the CC my grandparents have been members of as long as they can remember. My grandfather has dementia and my desire was for him to be familiar and feel at peace in both venues.

What was your favorite wedding detail? 
JJ and I are Chick-Fil-A lovers. MY MOST FAVORITE MEAL EVER!

Describe your experience with Abigail Malone as your wedding photographer. 
PERFECT. I was initially worried because her services don't come cheap...but after a few email exchanges (which were cheerful/pleasant.. I can not say that about all the photographers I reached out to in the Knoxville area) we met for coffee, talked, and looked at her MARVELOUS work. I genuinely just really liked her as person and decided to work with her, have amazing photos, and allow our cake budget to take the backseat!  However, you will likely never see me post that beautiful photo of that not so beautiful cake. There is just something so incredible about film. It's grainy, real and full of character. I'm OBSESSED with our black and white film photos!! 

Floral Flowers and Such

Reception Venue - Green Meadow Country Club

Wedding Planner- Devin Inman of Southern Bliss Weddings

Videography- David Lewis

Band- Stretta

Dress- Bride Beautiful ATL

Dress Designer Martina Liana

Cake- Publix

Rentals- Anderson Rental Company

Katie & Jordan: Fall Wedding at Dara's Garden, Knoxville TN

Wedding colors: 
Gray, Forrest Green, Navy, and Cranberry

Describe your Wedding in 3 words. 
Natural, Woodsy, Chic

What was your wedding venue and why did you choose it? 
Our wedding venue was Dara's Garden, located in South Knoxville. We chose it because it had everything we wanted from a woodsy garden feel to a family owned and cozy atmosphere. My husband grew up in South Knoxville, so it was special to make our covenant to each other at a place right down the road from the house he grew up in. 

What was your favorite wedding detail? 
I loved my bridesmaid dress color scheme. It was so beautiful to have everyone in their own shade and style for their personal style. I seriously let the girls just pick what they felt most confident in. It radiated throughout on the actual wedding day and was gorgeous with the natural background. 

What was your favorite wedding day memory:
The way we did our first look. I can't explain that moment, but the pictures tell it all. I have never felt something so special. I was actually against first looks, but looking back I am SO glad we did one. It was my favorite part of the wedding day. It totally calmed my nerves. 

Describe some personal touches:
I wore the ring on my right hand that my mother gave to me on my 21st birthday. I plan to pass it down to my own daughter someday. My step dad and I did a choreographed father daughter dance that got everyone laughing. It was a blast. Lastly, I could not make up my mind whether to wear my hair up or down.... so I did both. I loved that aspect of changing looks before the reception. Jordan went from his hair being down to putting it up for the reception- so we kind of switched. That was fun haha! It honestly overall was a day I wish I could relive over and over. I was truly in the moment and so full of peace. 10.22.2016 will forever make my heart smile. It's the day I became Katie Cormack and the day of a new chapter with my favorite person in the universe. 

Describe your experience with Abigail Malone as your wedding photographer. 
Three words come to mind with describing Abigail Malone: Timeless, Talented, and Tremendous. I feel beyond blessed to have had the privilege to her as my wedding photographer. My husband, Jordan, and I used Abby for our engagement session, my bridal portraits, our actual wedding day from start to finish, and more. She went above and beyond with amazing timeliness to her work, unique detailing, and professional equipment. There is something to be said for a photographer who makes you feel like she isn’t even there, leaving the intimate moments organic yet instructing you to get the best shots. She is truly one of the easiest people to connect with and has one of the most kind spirits I have ever met. I consider her a dear friend now, and can’t wait for the many more seasons of our life she will photograph.

Vendor Credits:

Photography: Abigail Malone

Wedding Dress/Bridesmaid Dresses: While Lace & Promises

Jewlery: Kendra Scott

Hair & Makeup: Hannah Denton

Flowers: Elder Floral Design

Rentals: Sisters Vintage Rentals

Food: Rothchilds

Venue: Dara's Garden

Film Scans: Photovision