Sunday September 23rd from 10am - 4pm

This workshop is a beginner/intermediate guide to film photography.

Workshop Sponsors:
Lillian Ruth Bride, Thistle & Lace, Photovision Prints,
Claudia Nicole Hair,  & Stunning by Rachel.

Workshop Schedule:
10  Arrive at Indigo Corner Studio
10:15 Introductions & Instruction with PDF handouts
11:30 Indoor shoot with natural light
12:30 Catered Lunch
1:00 Q & A
1:30 Location shoot  (midday? what?  yes film does amazing mid day!)
3:00 Editing Demo/Discussion/Wrap Up at Indigo Corner Studio
4:00 Farewells

What you need for the workshop:
1. 35mm or Medium format Film Camera (I have extras if you need to rent)
2. FIVE or more rolls of film (if you need suggestions of what and where to get it, I can help you)
** you will receive 1 roll of film as part of the workshop and also a discount on film development with Photovision*
3. Light Meter (if you need suggestions of what and where to get it, I can help you)

What you will learn:
1. Film Stocks: Black and White +  Color
2. Metering for film
3. Lab Relationship
4. Editing digital files to match Scans
5. Shipping and handling Film
6. Loading Film
7. Cost of Shooting Film
8. Shooting Film vs Digital: Strategies/Process

My goal for you is to give you some base knowledge and understanding of how to begin shooting film or incorporating film into your work. The live shoots will be great hands on practice metering, loading, and shooting film, and I will be there to offer support and be your guide! This workshop will be fun and informative. You will walk away inspired and excited to try something new, and with a ton of images for your portfolio!

Please Email me if you have any questions!


***Early bird sale through August 1st***


My personal journey from film, to digital, and back again... 


 When I was in college learning photography from 2000-2004, there were no digital cameras just yet. I learned on film, in a darkroom, and that is where my roots are. After I graduated, I got a digital camera and began shooting. I still used film at times, but it soon became a thing of the past. As years went on I, had a slump in my creativity.  I felt the agony of sitting behind a computer screen for hours editing my life away. This all changed when I realized that film photography had never really gone away, and in fact was making a resurgence in the industry.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, when I first began to relearn film in 2014, it was hard. Digital spoils you. I quickly realized there was so much I did not know. I dusted off my cameras and ordered some film. I started attending workshops,  working with other film photographers, joined groups, and researched. But in the end, I just needed to shoot. My images sucked, big time. I made so many mistakes, but I LEARNED.  I've used so many different types of cameras, film, and labs over the years. It has taken some time, but now I feel comfortably settled into what works best for me.  So, do I still shoot digital? YES! Of course I do, all the time in fact, but I have found a balance, and I honestly just prefer film. I hope to see you there!