Film Curious Workshop

A workshop all about film photography for the creatively curious digital photographer


My personal journey from film, to digital, and back again... 

4  years ago I was a guest at a wedding. I noticed the photographer was carrying around a Rolleiflex twin lens camera.  This made me very curious about how professional film photographers work in 2014.  I though to myself  "I have so many film cameras that are collecting just dust, why couldn't I start shooting film again?" When I was in college learning photography from 200-2004, there were no digital cameras just yet. I learned on film, in a darkroom, and that is where my roots are. After I graduated, I got a digital camera and began shooting. I still used film at times, but it soon became a thing of the past. As years went on I, had a slump in my creativity.  I felt the agony of sitting behind a computer screen for hours editing my life away. This all changed when I realized that film photography had never really gone away, and in fact was making a resurgence in the industry.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, when I first began to relearn film, it was hard. Digital spoils you. I quickly realized there was so much I did not know. I dusted off my cameras and ordered some film. I started attending workshops,  working with other film photographers, joined groups, and researched. But in the end, I just needed to shoot. My images sucked, big time. I made so many mistakes, but I LEARNED.  I've used so many different types of cameras, film, and labs over the years. It has taken some time, but now I feel comfortably settled into what works best for me.  So, do I still shoot digital? YES! Of course I do, but I have found a balance, and I honestly just prefer film. That spark of curiosity turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, and is also the reason for this workshop! 

As a certified instructor for over 8 years, I have been bringing the joys of photography to people of many ages. The film curious workshop is a culmination of my time as a teacher, and also as a student. My goals for this workshop are a combination of everything I wanted and needed to know when I first started out merged with my knowledge of how students learn best from years of teaching professionally.

Here are the 3 ultimate goals for this workshop:

1. Give you a written guide of practical and applicable information about film photography that gets to the point without a lot of fluff, on what you need to know, with examples. This will be a invaluable resource to help you find the type of film photography that will work best for you. Again, as I put this info together, I was constantly reflecting on what I really needed and wanted to know that would have helped me the most starting out.  

2. Give you a diverse assortment of insanely gorgeous and creative styled shoots with the very best vendors to give you beautiful portfolio building images and hands on experience.  Because I learn best from watching, I will model the metering and shooting techniques during the shoots, talk out loud about my thinking as I'm shooting, so that you will be able to actually see how it's done, then you'll do it yourself for deeper learning.

3. Build a community of individuals like yourself, whom you can lean on for inspiration, encouragement,  and guidance on your journey. I cannot tell you how valuable it was for me to meet some incredible lifelong film photographer friends at the workshops I attended.  It's amazing to bond with others during a shared learning experience.  And of course, I will be a resource for you as well. 

The Schedule

Day one: 
9 am: Arrival at Marblegate Farm, Welcome, Greetings, Introduction
9:30-12 pm: Crash Corse with Abigail Malone, Film stocks, Film loading , Cameras, Metering, Labs, Financial, Q&A
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm  Location 1 Farmhouse: Lay flat Details & Styling class with Whitney Bowman
(Styling Boards, Ribbon, Paper goods, Floral, Rings)
2:30 Location 2: Woods: Outdoor Ceremony/Sweetheart table details with Abigail Malone (Metering, Shooting, Film loading)
3:30 Location 3 Woods: Vow Renewal shoot with Abigail Malone (Metering, Shooting, Film loading, Posing,  Directing)
4:00 Location 4 Farmhouse Lawn/Sunroom: Cocktail hour/Heavy Hors d'oerves Dinner shoot with Chef  Simon Hall  (Food Styling, Metering, Film Loading, Black and white candids)
5:30 Location 5: Field with Horse & Bride and Groom with Abigail Malone (Food Styling, Metering, Film Loading,  Posing, Directing, Backlighting)
7:00 Location 6: Barn Loft: Dinner table details + Food with Abigail Malone (Food Styling, Metering, High Speed Film, Low Indoor Light, Candlelight, video light, pushing film)
8:30 pm Dinner Served by Chef Simon Hall
9:30 pm Bonfire Chat

Day 1 only $1200

Day 2:
9:00 am Location 7: Farmhouse: Morning Lifestyle Boudoir Session & Breakfast  with Chef Simon Hall  (Metering, Film Loading, Black and white, Posing, Styling, Lifestyle)
11:00 am: Location 8: Attendees Headshots with Abigail Malone
12 pm Final Goodbyes and send off

Day 1 & Day 2 $1500

*Marblegate Farm can sleep 6 attendees so seating is limited and will fill quickly. You may opt out of Day 2 and therefore pay a reduced rate of $1200 for Day 1 only.  

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Do I need a film camera to attend? If so what kind?
YES. you definitely do need some sort of film camera to come. Whether it is 35mm or Medium format males no difference. You will also likely need a light meter. If it is an older film camera, make sure that the shutter and  aperture are working correctly. also offers camera for rent. Please contact me if you need specifics about what camera you need.