Hi! I’m Abigail! From the time I was 8 years old – maybe even longer – I knew I wanted to be an artist. I will never forget that electric spark, that overwhelming feeling, that came from developing my first roll of black and white film. The nostalgia and romance of keeping a moment alive forever is infectious and deeply meaningful for me.

Drawing from my art and film photography roots, I am enchanted by vibrant, timeless colors, and gritty, emotional black and whites. I am soft hearted and sentimental, so you may catch me quietly wiping away tears as you speak your ceremony vows, or as the Groom holds his Mother close during their dance. I take on your day as my own, documenting every moment of your story, as if they were my own precious memories being preserved. I care deeply about my clients, and the vulnerability and trust shown to me in return is forever humbling.

Today, I live in Powell, TN, with my hunky husband, Ben, and our my miracle baby Jack. I am obsessed with chips and salsa, the colors splashed across the sky just after the sun sets, and my Grandmother’s wrinkled, crooked, beautiful hands she used to teach me to quilt. I am without a doubt a “cat person” and recently said goodbye to my 18-years-old cat BFF Mimi.

 I believe the most valuable possession is time, which is why I delight in the opportunity to capture life’s changing moments, big and small – so they can be treasured forever.                            

Want to say hello? Shoot me an email or give me a call at 865-567-7178. I look forward to meeting you!      

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