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We all remember our childhood crush. Whether he was the dreamy boy next door or the 4th grade class clown, he lives on in half-forgotten memories…and in dad’s catalogue of embarrassing stories to tell at the worst possible times. But for most of us, that’s all a first crush ever is: a memory. For Fionnie, her childhood crush became so much more. On a radiant summer day at Marblegate Farm in Knoxville, Fionnie’s lifelong crush, Jacob, promised to love her forever.


Wedding colors: 
Grey, White, and Green

Describe your Wedding in 3 words. 
Joyous, Fun, and BEST DAY EVER

What was your wedding venue and why did you choose it? 
New Providence Presbyterian: Because my parents (mother and biological father, who has passed away) were married there and it’s the church my grandparents have attended the last 50+ years. Reception at Green Meadow Country Club the CC my grandparents have been members of as long as they can remember. My grandfather has dementia and my desire was for him to be familiar and feel at peace in both venues.