5 Best Locations for Engagement Photos in Knoxville

Wondering where the best places to take engagement photos in Knoxville are? Luckily, Knoxville has an abundance of beautiful locations for engagement photos. If you are recently engaged in Knoxville, or a Knoxville Wedding photographer, I am sharing my top 5 engagement photo locations in Knoxville to inspire you!

1. Sequoya Hills Park

Sequoyah Hills park is a beautiful location for engagement photos in Knoxville. Located in a one of Knoxville’s oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods, this park is well maintained and vast. It is also located along the dogwood trail and the river, so you not only have gorgeous trees and trails, but also water views. The downside of this park is the popularity among picnickers, college students, and dog walkers. TIP: Baseball fields have restrooms if you need one! For more info and directions click here.

Couple taking engagement photos at Sequoyah Hills park in Knoxville

2. Meads Quarry

Meads Quarry is a perfect location for Engagement photos in Knoxville. Located in South Knoxville, close to downtown, Meads Quarry has beautiful trails, wooded areas, tall grass, bridges, water, and marbled quarry rock walls. This location might be the most popular spot in Knoxville for engagement sessions and visitors. Regardless of its popularity, it is a beautiful place worthy of fighting the crowds for. TIP: Wear a lot of bug spray if you go here during warm weather months! For more information and directions click here.

Engagement photos at Meads Quarry in Knoxville

3. Downtown Knoxville

Downtown Knoxville is a great location for urban/city engagement photos. There are plenty of different areas to choose from. From modern architecture, charming older buildings, green areas, parks, alleys and sidewalks, to the classic Tennessee Theatre sign on Gay Street, you will not run out of options. The only downside is, of course, all the people walking around the city! TIP: Don’t forget that Worlds Fair Park is just a short walk from downtown! For more information and directions click here.

Couple taking Engagement Photos with Tennessee Theatre sign on Gay Street in Knoxville

4. Personal Pick

Often times the best location in Knoxville for engagement photos, is one that has personal meaning to you! Using a family farm, a place off the beaten path, the place where you had your first date, or even your own home, can be an amazing location for engagement photos. It will mean more to you, and make the photos more special! TIP: Tell your photographer if you have an idea for a location!

couple kissing for engagement photos in knoxville

5. Your Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a location in Knoxville for engagement photos, consider using your wedding venue! Almost all Knoxville Wedding Venues will allow access on property for engagement photos. This can be a great way to utilize parts of the property you may not get to shoot at during your wedding day (the photo below taken at Knoxville Wedding Venue Marblegate Farm). Another advantage is the privacy and not fighting a crowd! TIP: Taking engagement photos in a different season than your wedding will capture a different look and feel to the venue as well!

Couple kissing during engagement photos at marblegate farm in knoxville

January 4, 2020

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